Writers, Musicians, Artists, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Licensing

After earning my music degree, I went to law school to be an entertainment lawyer. Years later, I’m not representing celebrities in a big city, but not every artist lives in a metropolis. I am proud to represent writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and production houses, from the Gulf Coast to California. No matter your level of notoriety, your art is your work and you must protect your career. I also know the challenges faced by venue owners, galleries, and distributors.

Entertainment law is a broad practice with a few expected issues but also cases as diverse as the life and art humans create. Some of my work in the entertainment industry has included:

  • Copyright Registration and Enforcement
  • Trademarks and Trade Name Registrations
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Talent Contracts
  • Television and Film Talent Appearances and Releases
  • Licensing and Asset Transfer Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Venue Copyright and Performance Clearances
  • Film Production Crew Agreements
  • Group Talent Partnerships and Business Formation

Your art is your livelihood, and you deserve an advocate that protects it. Call me for peace of mind. (850) 607-6879



*Joshua Aaron Jones is not a talent agent, and Joshua Aaron Jones, Attorney at Law, PLLC is not a talent agency.